Aleph-Bet: Hebrew Reading and Writing for Christians in 17 Easy Lessons

In 1995, David Bivin taught a 12-hour series of classes entitled “Aleph-Bet: A Beginner’s Introduction to Reading and Writing Hebrew.” The class was recorded and produced into a video series available on video cassette tapes (VCR). This incredible class brought the viewer into a basic understanding of how to read and write the language of Jesus’ day.

After securing the masters from the original publishers, is thrilled to make them available as an online course. David Bivin could not be more correct when he states in the first lesson, “NO study of ANY language pays off like learning Hebrew.”  On the 20th anniversary of teaching this video series, we are proud to provide this outstanding course, “Aleph-Bet: Hebrew Reading and Writing for Christians in 17 Easy Lessons.“

This Aleph Bet course is fantastic! 

For years I've contemplated learning a bit about Hebrew and felt overwhelmed whenever I attempted to look around for a course to do. David Bivin teaches in a way that makes it feel like learning is an effortless process. 

Dave from Melbourne, Australia

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